Touch Me With Your Tongue at New Works Projects

Halves, 2018

oil, water, urethane, paint, vinyl, steel, plastic, silicone, hardware, mp3 player, headphones, digital audio

24” x 18” x 2” H

Basin, Lobe, and Plume,2018

plywood, paint, urethane, sand, carpet, headphones, silicone, sponge, activated charcoal, water, mp3 player, macbook, digital audio + video

72” x  50” x 6” H

Submission is the First Part in a 2 Part Contract, 2018

plywood, pine, paint, sls nylon, sand, silicone, LED cable, mp3 player, headphones, cracked iphone, digital audio + video

36” x 24” x 62” H

Wholes, 2018

digital audio and video, silicone, headphones, sand

7” x 5” x 1” D

What a Thirst is Was, 2018

urethane, paint, resin, sls nylon, pvc, clay, magnets, water pump, water

dimensions variable